Discuss the political, cultural, and economic characteristics of the Abbasid Empire.

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The Abbasid Dynasty began when it wrested power from the Umayyads. This marked the end of political unity in the Islamic world as rival caliphates were established in Spain and in parts of North Africa. Despite this, the Abbasids still controlled the heart of Islamic civilization, and their empire thrived for over five centuries. It was under the Abbasids that Muslim identity grew to encompass more than just Arab nationality as many non-Arabs, particularly Persians, were brought into the religion.

Culturally, the Abbasid Empire is known for its many flourishing achievements. They established Arabic as the common language in the Islamic world. This helped facilitate scholarship throughout the empire. They built and maintained schools, universities, and libraries throughout their dominion and learning was a highly valued quality. The Abbasids eagerly learned from other cultures and absorbed outside ideas into their own body of knowledge. The Abbasids helped to preserve Ancient Greek texts...

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