discuss the plot of she stoops to conquer.

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This gentle comedy is the story of a genteel young Marlow who is free and forward with women of plebian classes, but feels ill-at ease with the cultured. He is tricked into believing that the Hardcastles' house is an inn. He proceeds to treat the dignified Mr. Hardcastle, who has predilection for everything old, as though, he were an impudent and eccentric landlord. The consternation resulting from this is enormous; Hardcastle nearly has a stroke from rage and indignation. Miss Hardcastle takes advantage of the situation by pretending first to be a barmaid, then a poor relation of the family. In this humble guise she conquers Marlow. When the mistakes of the night have been unraveled by the arrival of Marlow's father, who had arranged the match. Hardcastle's natural indignation is mitigated by understanding. All's well that ends well, and the mistakes of the night are replaced by a jolly dawn.

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