Discuss plot by identifying the "conflict" and the "resolution" according to the Freytag pyramid chekhov the lady with the pet dog.

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Part 1 is the exposition of the plot. This is where we meet our two main characters and where they meet each other. The rising action occurs in Part 2 when the couple begins their affair. At the end of Part 2, each person goes back to his/her own life, and Gurov believes the affair to be over, just as the others in the past have been. This is part of the rising action leading up to the climax. Part 3 continues the rising action, and Gurov realizes he can't forget Anna and truly loves her. When he goes to where she lives and finds her at the opera, she tells him she hasn't been able to forget him either and agrees to come to Moscow. In Part 4, we learn that Anna has been coming to Moscow off and on for a while, but we don't see the climax until Gurov looks in the mirror and notices how he has physically changed. The change in his outward appearance reflects his inward change as well. This is the climax because we now know that Gurov is going to have a life with Anna. He tells her that they will be together one day, even though they have big obstacles to overcome.

The main conflict is whether Anna and Gurov have any kind of future together. They are both married, and having to sneak around is taking its toll on them, especially Anna. Once we know the outcome of this conflict, then you have the resolution.

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