Discuss the play Look Back in Anger in the light of the image of the angry young man. (within 500 words)

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Look Back In Anger reflects the social tension of 1950.Through the hero Jimmy the playwright mirrors the tensions of the contemporary lower and middle class young-men .The impact of the 2nd world-war , its political images ,discontent and frustration caused by unemployment and social insecurity , etc , find outlet through .

Jimmy Porter represents the the Angry Young Movement , and the dramatist makes him the butt of exposing the political , social , and religious issues of the time .By 1945 , the World war-II , was over .The English Labor-party won the election .They promised to build a welfare state with family health care , subsided-housing ,social-insurgence , old- age -pension ,and employment .But those proved wordy-words .To tackle the situation a new , a new party ,-Conservative Govt came into power .But this party also proved failure .While this was going on , the labor classes began to lose their job with the installation of automation .Side by side , a movement ,-C.N.D ,  germinated to ban the use of hydrogen , but the Bishop of Bromley , was against it .

Jimmy's image acts as a voice of protest against all those disorders of the -then England .He bursts out in anger against the religious authority .He bitterly criticizes the Sunday paper , as posh paper .He is against class-distinction .He is in conflict with his wife Alison who is of upper class origin .He experiences the upper -class as devoid of animation , enthusiasm , and life-force .His comment on Alison's brother Nigel , speaks of the Big-brother politics of the day .

Jimmy's unemployment with his university degree tells of the pathetic condition of the educated -young men , belonging to the working class .