Discuss one or two weaknesses of filipinos, especially in relation to nation-building. Why do you consider them weaknesses? How can they be remedied?

uncovered33 | Student

In the advent of globalization, most of the Filipinos are in failure of acknowledging what should be valued. Filipinos readily embrace the revolution of manners brought by worldwide integration of values, economies, and political system. The attention of most us is being projected more on the objects of life and less on living for our country. Thus, with self based ideals, we are not able to build our nation as one.

Choosing a leader is one example. Most of us actualy chose bad leader. we fail to asses our choices by means of their capabilities and achievements and visions, we just directly jump into assesing how wealthy they are, how popular, how good looking, and those make believe words that shift ourselves from the reality.


Most Filipinos do not learn from the past, most of us do not entertain the lessons from previous events. We are always focused on temporary benefits, we fail to acknowledge the reality that we belong to one society.

gopikrishna | Student

Filipino Weaknesses: 1. Utang Na Loob (Debt Of Gratitude). Up to a certain point it is a virtue, but too much is a trap in itself.  We Filipinos exaggerated this trait unwittingly believing this was natural to us, hence, good. In truth, this is a colonial residue. This is not strength but rather a weakness for it is built upon our belief that we Filipinos were of lesser value. This resulted to over-subjugation in order to survive. Filipinos did survive, but heavily damaged from within. 2. Crab-Mentality. This is what divides the Filipinos as one people and therefore prevents the building of a  progressive nation. For instead, we pull each other down out of envy or just plain egotism. We cannot replace  burdensome administration  if each of us chooses rather to solo his fight and achieves nothing. 3. Ningas-Cogon. This reinforces the crab in us for this means total retreat after taking a few steps to the front. Good politics can achieve something substantial if it is held on a steady course over time. The same way with fighting for a cause. Nothing will happen if the people cannot stay and fight to the end. To come and go as you wish is never a big help to your team. With this, nothing will ever be accomplished..

Technically, if character is a collection of habits, and habit  a conditioned behaviour or sets of responses, and character determines our behavior to a particular situation or groups of situations, modifying habits through training can therefore effect a change in character and ultimately our behavior.

This is what the politicians, civic and church leaders mean by moral revolution, which is a term so vague that they end up not really knowing what to do but  to the  false belief  that reciting long litanies and holding hands together in circles  they could already solve this national dilemma