Discuss the nature and significance of morale? Describe the relationship between morale and productivity?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Morale in a business is extremely vital to success.  It allows individuals to focus their energies into a particular end for the business.  Morale is what allows individuals or workers to coalesce and bond with one another as it helps to create a climate where workers exist in a state of relative satisfaction.  Morale also helps workers to help the productivity of the business.  If a manager can make accommodations which allows workers to feel better about where they work, there is a good chance that the work offered will be more productive and focused.  From a very cynical point of view, some might suggest that morale is extremely important because if it is fostered well, it keeps the arrangement of power in the current system of owners over workers.  Morale could be that guise that prevents the latter from transforming the power away from the former.  Regardless, the absense of a strong morale can help to destabilize a business, causing much in the way of poor productivity or worker dissatisfaction.