Discuss Napoleon's domestic policy.Napoleon Bonarpartes domestic policy

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One notably bad thing about the Napoleonic Code was that these laws had a negative impact on the rights of women.

The Napoleonic Code established one set of laws for all of France.  Under these laws, women had very few rights.  For example, divorce was much harder for women to get than men.  Before the Code, different parts of France had had different laws about this and other aspects of women's rights.  So, in this way, the reforms hurt women because they established one set of laws for all of France and those laws were less protective of women's rights than the laws of some areas had been before.

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Napoleon instituted a number of domestic reforms in France, but the price of those reforms was authoritarian rule under himself. He instituted the Code Napoleon which guaranteed equality under the law for all male citizens, He established the Bank of France, and instituted the use of the metric system. He signed a Concordat with the Vatican that allowed Catholics to practice their religion freely and also provided religious freedom to Jews and Protestants. Even so, he could be draconian. Since Napoleon was away at war most of the time, his surrogate, one Joseph Fouche, instituted a police state where freedom of the press was suppressed and those suspected of disloyalty were often arrested and jailed without trial. It's hard to say if the people of France considered Napoleon's reforms worth the price.

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