Discuss the motif of nature in Julio Cortazar's "Meeting."            

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In Meeting, the motif of nature highlights the themes of revolution and the transcending character of Luis/Fidel, one of the chief revolutionaries of the Cuban Revolution. The story begins with a quote from one of Che Guevara's works, in which the hero contemplates suicide as he leans against a tree trunk. Meeting itself is an appropriation of Che's retelling of Fidel Castro's independence war against Cuban president Fulgencio Batista, which culminated in 1959. 

The motif of nature is epitomized in the forbidding terrain of the Sierra Maestra mountain ranges, where Castro and Che make their last desperate stand against Batista. In late 1956, Che, Castro, and eighty revolutionaries had approached the Sierra Maestra mountains from the region of Playa Las Coloradas; however, they were ambushed by Batista's soldiers before they could get very far, and fewer than twenty of the revolutionaries survived. The survivors broke up into smaller groups and took refuge in the Sierra Maestra mountains....

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