Discuss moral reasons to why Americans didn't show Manhattan project to Japanese. Reliable source if possible please, thank you!

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The Manhattan Project was a secret. Most Americans had no idea that their country had been successful in developing an atomic bomb, and probably would not assume it would be used on Japan. There was great anti-Japanese sentiment at the time. The Germans had concentration camps, but Japan attacked us on our own soil.
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This is a good question. Let me start off with some background information. The Manhattan project was a research program, led by the United States with a few more allied countries. They explored the possibilities of an atomic bomb during the context of World War II. The project was under the direction of Major General Groves of the United States Army. Ultimately, the succeeded and made the Atomic bomb.

In light of this background information, the reason why the United States did not share this information with Japan was due to the fact that they were in war with Japan. With that said, normal code of ethics do not apply in wartime. For example, in peace, it is not good to lie, but in war, misinformation, deceit, and other mischievous tactics are strategic. In a word, war changes things in terms of morals.

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