Discuss the mood of Chekhov's story "The Lady with the Pet Dog."

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I would like to suggest that the settings in the story establish its mood. Chekhov suggests that the effect of the moonlight and dawn, along with various other lights, upon the sea create an erotic and dreamy atmosphere. It is a sleepy landscape marked by the rhythm of the sea and the clouds sitting over mountains, giving a timeless quality to the setting. This is connected to the theme of the beauty of nature that brings out the best in Anna and Gurov. They go to the beach to watch the sun rise and listen to the surf of the ocean. It is a setting supportive of their true love because it is mystical and even reminds Gurov of what is most important in life.

Another setting which is important is the town where Anna lives. Its depressed nature suggests how trapped Anna must feel. The fence with nails across from Anna's house points even more to her confinement and unhappiness. This setting highlights the emotions Anna and...

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