Discuss Man and Superman as a drama of ideas.

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Shaw was a thinker who liked to illustrate his philosophies in his plays and does so more than ever in Man and Superman. The plays pivots around an idea expounded by the philosopher Henri Bergson, who argued that there is a vital spirit of life—what Shaw calls a Life Force—which is an instinct that drives men and women together to procreate. This Life Force is the domain of woman who, in her drive to have children, pulls the more intellectual man into her orbit and thus perpetuates the human race. Anne Whitefield represents this vital Life Force, luring John Tanner into marriage. The Life Force is also connected to Darwinism as an instinctual drive all species have to reproduce.

Shaw also leans into ideas from Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra , in which certain men's driving will to repress their base nature and drive forward intellectually will cause an improvement in the human race, leading to the development of superior humans called supermen. John Tanner represents this superman...

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