Discuss a major strike that had a dramatic impact on a business. How could the strike have been avoided?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A recent, and quite sad event of this nature that left a major effect in the company was the November 2012 strike of the Dolly Madison bakery workers.

The Hostess corporation, which is the "culprit" behind Twinkies, and other cakes of the same nature, had been struggling against bankruptcy for quite some time when

Union employees in Emporia say in August of last year the company stopped giving them their pension earning. They say it now wants to cut wages by eight percent.

While it seems that the workers had too much faith in their union, the reality sank in: the union did not listen to Hostess leadership when they said that it was best to either leave the company or accept the changes rather to strike against it. The result was that the strike completely severed Hostess' last financial and human resources, causing the company to completely close down.

Careers of over 30 years were ended as a result of the closure, and Hostess buildings all over the U.S closed down never to reopen again. This was a very hard blow not only to those who blindly follow the statutes of the Union labors instead of learning to negotiate. It was an even harder blow to the American blue collar worker who lost his and her job during the more trying times of a dying American economy.