Discuss Look Back in Anger as a psychological play.  

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Look Back in Anger presents an interesting psychological portrait of the main character, Jimmy. When he was young, Jimmy watched his father die from wounds sustained in the Spanish Civil War. This experience, as well as the way his working-class background has limited his opportunities, causes him to be angry and depressed. Jimmy expresses his anger through politics, and he rails against the English upper class. Though he has political views and is, as a member of the lower class, afflicted by the rigid English class system, he also uses politics to express his anger and depression.

His personal relationships are also troubled as a result of his psychological make-up. He married Alison, a member of the elite class, but he tortures her psychologically and forces her to leave him. He takes up with her friend Helena while Alison has a miscarriage—a symbol of the withered and angry relationship she has with Jimmy. While the play is political, it also provides a deep psychological portrait of Jimmy, an angry and depressed man.

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Psychological narrative and plays along with telling a story examine the individual's sense of personal and cultural identity as well as the formation and nature of memories. Some psychologists hold that these two psychological components (identity and memory) are the integral nature of self. In Look Back in Anger, Jimmy's paramount concern is his own sense of personal and cultural identity. Moreover, his concern extends to English working class and lower class people in general, although it could be argued that his concern is really an out-lashing against his father's death, which was in a very real sense a culture-caused death since he went as a freedom fighter to fight in the Spanish Civil War as so many English idealists did. Further, the causes for Jimmy's thoughts, attitudes, and behavior is directly attributed to memory, specifically, his memory of his father's agonized and agonizing death from which Jimmy says he learned to be angry and helpless, something, he says, that he can't forget.

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