Discuss life in Victorian American,including culture and society of the various classes of Americans during this time period.

npoore84 | Student

The Victorian Era is named from an era in Great Britain between the year of 1837 to 1901. It was heavily influenced by British culture and most prominent in the New England areas and the Deep South until about 1910.

Those people with "old money" were very wary and and it was a time of uncertainty. Many were unsure of exactly how America was to by, and as a result, they began to borrow heavily from European culture, particularly France. These people began to import from France, ate French food, and wore French clothing. They also began to adopt religious tradition of England and practiced Episcopalian.

The wealthy families of the Victorian era were consumed with staying ahead of the middle-class. During the late 1800's, many wealthy families owned private carriages and began to move from the suburbs to up-town. They began to build large estates similar to ones found in England with orchards and gardens. Architecture of their homes was also a competition between the middle and wealthy classes. The wealthy class was known as the "proper family."

Attitudes toward work and entertainment changed greatly during the Victorian era and was different for those with new money and old money. Society memberships usually required only one thing: old money. Those with new money were accepted at times if the individual was very wealthy or the person was a child or inherited the money. Episcopalian was the religion of the wealthy and very few Catholics were allowed into the wealthy society. It was also required that members be white. Dubutante balls where young women "came out" were held when the young woman tuned 18. At this ball, she was introduced to the eligible men of the wealthy society.