Discuss the kinds of state governments that were created during and after the American Revolution.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For the most part state governments after the American Revolution were centered on the idea of localized government being preferable to centralized power.  It is here where it is evident that democratic rule was perceived as an automatic good by those who constructed state governments.  There was a natural emphasis on individual rights and an embrace of these entitlements as being part of the charters in state governments.  For example, the Virginia Bill of Rights was seen as a forerunner, of sorts, to the Bill of Rights in the Constitution in its call for individual right of religious worship and expression.  The state governments that were called for after the Revolution were equipped to confer these rights to individuals, but little in way of governmental control was evident.  These governments stressed freedom and a sense of openness for individuals because there was little in way of centralized government.  In some sense, these state governments can be seen as democratic because they reflected an emphasis on the rule of the people at the cost, at times, of consolidated control and order.

patelmilia98 | Student

i think there aare 3 types of government after the american revolution the judcial legislative and execuetive