Discuss the key ideas of this quote that can relate to whose reality, “it often takes courage to defend our own view of the world”.

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The idea of "whose reality," is a very insightful way of discussing the world. Sociologist like, Peter Berger, have done a great job showing that each society has a different view of the world. In other words, knowledge of the world is socially constructed. So, what is commonsense in one place is not necessarily commonsense in another place. So, for example, if you were living in Saudi Arabia, most people would believe in one God, but if you were living in Chicago people may not even be theists. Each society has a different worldview or vision of reality.

In light of this point, to stand up against a worldview takes courage, because you are standing up against a society in a sense. You are standing up against the "world" or we can say a "worldview."