discuss Keats' "Ode to a Nightingale" as an ode.

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Ode are long poems which are serious in nature and written to set structure.John Keats's Ode to Nightingale are the popular example of this.Ode to Nightingale is personal poem that describes Keats's journey into the state of negative capability.the tone of the poem rejects the optimistic pursuits of pleasure found within Keats's earlier poem,and it explores the theme of nature,transience and mortality,the  later being particularly personal of Keats.

The Nightingale described within the poem experiences a type of death but it does not actually die.instead,the songbird is capable of living through his song,which is a fate that humans can't expect.the poem ends with an acceptance that pleasure cannot last and the death is inevitable part of life.

Ode to Nightingale describes a series of conflict between the reality and romantic idea of uniting the nature.there is split between two actions of the poem,the first attempts to identify with the nightingale and its song and the second dicusses the convergence of the past with the future while experiencing the present.the experience does not last forever ,and the body is left desiring it until the narrator clings to poetry to hide from the loss of pleasure. poetry does not bring about the pleasure that the narrator originally     ask for ,but it does liberate him from his desire for only pleasure, with this theme of a loss of pleasure and inevitable death,the poem describes the inadequacy of the romantic escape from the world of reality to the world of ideal beauty.

In the poem ,Keats imagines the loss of the physical world and sees himself dead as a "sod"over which the nightingale sings. the contrast between the immortal nightingale and mortal man,sitting in his garden,is all the more acute by an effort of the imagination. the presence of weather is noticeable in the poem,all shows the poet's love for nature.the poem is seems that it to be written by keats under the tree into the garden.keats has done a wonderful job in creatiing the structure of poem like a natural phenomena,

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