How is the theme of responsibility explored in "England, My England" by D.H. Lawrence?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One example of the theme of responsibility is Winifred’s reaction to her daughter.  She does not seem really attached to her daughter, or to like her daughter.  Instead, she feels a duty toward her.

The responsibility of motherhood was the prime responsibility in Winifred's heart: the responsibility of wifehood came a long way second.

As a result, the connection and passion between husband Egbert and wife Winifred dries up.  Husband is already feeling useless because his wife’s father is paying for everything.  He cannot support the household on his own to the standard of living that Winifred's family expects.  The baby connected the family to Winifred, and “Egbert was out of it.”  She is physically attracted to him, and there is still passion, but that is it.  The responsibility toward the baby reigns suprement.