Discuss the isolation from society that Bradstreet experienced as it is reflected in her poetry

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several forms of isolation from which  erly American poet Anne Bradstreet may have suffered, but throughout her poetry, one stands out from the rest. Obviously, the shocking experience of setting out in a frail wooden boat to cross an uncharted globe, leaving friends and family behind was very isolatiing and frightening for her. Being married so young with such a huge family, probably left her with little time for socialising with peers her own age. Her religion with its strict and unforgiving rules was isolating too. But more than any of that was her quality of intellect. Anne's intellect and poetic ability set her apart from other wives of her religion - if they had intellectual ideas at all, then they were expected to keep them to themselves. Look throughout Bradstreet's poems for evidence of the dumbing-down of her challenging ideas, for their wrapping up in sugary praise for the religious way of life her peers followed. She presented challenging assertions through the medium of religious, doting wife and mother. It must have been very isolating keeping her thoughts so subdued - even with the outlet of poetry.

dixon349 | Student

Anne Bradstreet and her husband were of the original settlers who founded Andover, Massachusetts in 1640. She was a devote Puritan and was married at sixteen years old. She lived a very isolated life due to geography and religion. In order to understand her writings, one must understand the politics, religion, and manners of the time. The circumstances expressed in her poems are highly intellectual. Furthermore, this is a somewhat complicated question. Without knowing which poem you are referring to, it is difficult to formulate a specific answer that would help.