In "Hamlet" discuss the internal struggle that Hamlet deals with in the "How all occasions do inform against me" (IV.iv.32) monologue.It's for a 5 paragraph essay.

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this speech, Hamlet is struggling with his own disgust for his own inaction in the matter of revenge against his uncle.  For the entire play, Hamlet has been procrastinating, hesitating, over-analyzing, backing out of opportunies, and coming up with excuses not to kill his uncle.  He could have done it over and over again, but did not.

So, as he stands on the battlefield and watches "twenty thousand men" go to their deaths over next to nothing, he is inspired by their bravery.  He wonders and awes that with so little thought, motive or cause, the step out onto the battlefield and lay down their lives.  This, compared to the very just causes he has for revenge ("a father kill'd, a mother stain'd,") makes him realize just how much of a coward he has been.  He struggles internally with his own cowardice, with repugnance at how wishy-washy he has been.  The example of the soldiers has inspired him to action at last, causing him to declare "my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth."

Now, I can't write your 5 paragraphs for you, but I hope that the thoughts above give you some ideas.  In the first paragraph, introduce the topic, and end it with a thesis statement that discusses how Hamlet struggles internally with his cowardice in enacting revenge.  Then, the next three paragraphs need to cite evidence for that internal struggle (spend one paragraph on the soldiers' examples inspiring him, one on his own good reasons for revenge, one on the middle section where he discusses how his cowardly thoughts stopped him).  The last paragraph needs to just summarize and restate your thesis.

I hope that helped; good luck!

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