The Market Revolution, Industrialization, and New Technologies

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How did the Transportation Revolution between 1800 and 1840 affect America?

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The Transportation Revolution helped to integrate the economic regions of the country into a self-sufficient whole. Railroads, canals, and national roads allowed for easier transportation of goods and people between the East and the West. The steamboat allowed shippers to move against the current, which allowed for more permanent vessels with greater carrying capacities. The Transportation Revolution fueled demand for Western foodstuffs as well as Southern cotton as New England textile mills grew significantly during this period. The Transportation Revolution also indirectly fueled one of the key political issues of the period: the question of whether it should be the state or the federal government's responsibility to pay for these internal improvements. A major plank of the Whig Party stated that it was the federal government's job to pay for these internal improvements. The Transportation Revolution not only shaped the economic life of the country, but the politics of the United...

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