Discuss the importance of Simon's clearing in the novel Lord of the Flies.

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Simon is the most sensitive, benevolent boy on the island and is the novel's symbolic Christ-figure. Simon is inherently peaceful and has an affinity for nature. He is also considered an outcast and spends most of his time relaxing by himself in his secluded spot in the forest. Simon's secluded spot in the forest is a tranquil location, where butterflies dance among the forest leaves as the sun shines through the thick canopy above. Simon's secluded spot in the forest allegorically represents Jesus's forty days in the wilderness, where he was tempted by the devil. Later in the novel, Jack and his hunters kill a sow and impale the pig's severed head on a stake in the middle of Simon's secluded spot. When Jack and his hunters leave, Simon hallucinates and has an enlightening conversation with the Lord of the Flies, which allegorically represents the devil. This meeting between Simon and the Lord of the Flies alludes to when Christ was tempted by the devil in the wilderness. Simon's affinity for nature and his time spent in the secluded spot in the forest further characterizes him as a symbol Christ-figure and enables Golding to allude to Christ's temptation in the wilderness.

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Simon is the moral character in this novel.  He realizes what the boys do not.  He knows that the beast is within them.  The boys think it is an actual monster of some sort.  Because Simon has this ability to understand beyond what the others can, he is known as the Christ symbol.  He needs his place of peace.  This is where he is able to see the true beauty of the island.  He understands what is happening on the island, and this is his one place to get away from the others to see it all clearly.

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