How does this setting exemplify some  general characteristics of realism? "Roman Fever" by Edith Wharton

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The relative presence or absence of literary “realism” in the setting of Edith Wharton’s short story “Roman Fever” is an intriguing issue. The Cambridge Companion to Literature in English, edited by Iam Ousby, lists the following traits as especially typical of nineteenth-century “realistic” fiction:

  • an emphasis on “representing the world as it is rather than as it ought to be, with description rather than invention”
  • an emphasis on “authentic details”
  • an emphasis on “the function of environment in shaping character”
  • an emphasis on “the present or the recent past”
  • an emphasis on presenting “everyday scenes as objectively as possible in loy-key, unrhetorical prose”
  • an emphasis on “drawing its characters from all social levels”
  • an emphasis on using...

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