What role do computers play in identity theft?

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Computers and the internet are one of the main tools for identity theft today.

One of the most common ways to steal someone's identity via computer is through "phishing."  This is technique in which criminals trick victims into giving them their information.  Typically, they do so by luring the victims to websites that look like they belong to legitimate businesses with whom the victim actually does business.  When victims enter confidential information on these fake websites, their identity can be stolen.

Another way that identities can be stolen is through the hacking of organizations that keep people's confidential information.  In this sort of identity theft, criminals hack into the computer system of a college or a company.  They find information there that allows them to steal the identity of students or customers.

Because we give so much of our confidential information to various entities on the internet, computers have become a major tool for identity theft.

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