Discuss the ideas of Gandhi with special reference to "Hind Swaraj"

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most striking element of Gandhi's pamphlet is how his views as a young man remained fairly intact throughout his life.  Unlike other thinkers or political leaders who endured multiple changes in their philosophy due to contingency or circumstance, Gandhi presents a fairly mature philosophy early on and the document's ideas remain fairly intact throughout his life.  The idea of Indian home rule coming out of a moral or transcendent embrace of truth in all of its forms is the dominant theme in the pamphlet.  It introduces Gandhi's belief that individual freedom is rooted in a moral or ethical practice of embracing truth.  Political freedom for India, or for anyone, is something that Gandhi believes is secondary or even tertiary to moral or ethical liberation in the form of embracing truth and a higher sense of human conduct.  These become the basis for home rule for Indians and for anyone, and this is something from which there was little stray in both the pamphlet and his life.

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