Discuss the idea how "It is substantial that the people we adore comprehend our reality' in reference to a character."

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In so many ways, the characters in Williams' work battle for their own vision of reality to be appropriated by another towards whom they have feelings.  Blanche desperately seeks this out of Stella.  In fighting to convince her sister that Stanley is a brute, one sees that Blanche is essentially placing her entire being and stability on the fact that Stella acts toward Blanche's own beliefs.  For his part, Stanley recognizes Blanche as a threat to his own conception of power and his actions towards Blanche as a force of negation are ones that are intended to ensure that Stella embrace his own conception of reality.  It becomes highly significant and substantial that Blanche and Stanley drive Stella towards embracing and comprehending their own visions of reality.  Given that both visions are mutually exclusive towards one another, this is where a primary force of conflict is evident in the drama.  Certainly, Williams makes it clear that human beings are their own agents of action.  Yet, it is his genius to show that for all the autonomy that human beings might possess, they are still beholden and dependent on the actions of another in embracing their vision of the world, and their own reality.  For Williams, a part of human frailty lies in this need, something that underscores all the characters in the drama.

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