Discuss the human aspect of manufacturing, such as the workers, the managers, the consumers, and how they are part of the entire process.

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an interesting question. 

First, when people think about manufacturing, often there is little thought of human workers. In view of the advent of machinery, the idea of human manufacturing seems like ancient history. To think this way would be wrong. 

Second, when it comes to workers, it is important to have a environment where they are treated well and fairly. This refers not only to pay, but also other aspects of work as well, such safety, pensions, insurance and the like. For example, when we read about all the people who have committed suicide in factories where the ipad and ipod are produced in China, something is not right. 

Third, when it comes to customers, customer safety comes to mind. If products are not made well, then customers could be hurt, especially if they are children. One only has to think about safety recalls. For instance, there were some toys in the recent past that were made with lead based paints, which is a clear hazard for children.