Discuss how workforce diversity is directly affected by recruitment, selection, orientation and training.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am a strong believer that workforce diversity does not simply "happen."  It has to be cultivated from within through outreach from outside.  This means that organizations have to go out and expand their boundaries to try to find people with stellar qualifications as well as personal experiences that would allow them to enrich the workplace setting.   It is a challenge to do this, but one that is worthy of undertaking because organizations that reach out in trying to pull the most qualified of individuals that feature a diverse background of experiences allows the workplace to benefit greatly in not being a repetitive example of homogeneity.  Once this outreach has been accomplished and consistently harvested, organizations have to do an equally intense job of creating an atmosphere that nurtures and fosters diversity in all of its varied forms.  This will mean offering opportunities where all individuals can feel welcome, establishing an atmosphere where this difference is not merely tolerated, but cherished.  Training and orientation are a part of this process.  They must be seen as extensions of a culture that allows for such expression to take place.