Discuss which character in the drama reinforces the idea that, "Try as we might, we’re unable to reconstruct the opinions of others?"

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Blanche would embody the idea of futility in seeking to change the deeply held opinions of others.  She is unable to convince her sister to leave Stanley.  She is unable to arouse the sense of loyalty that would tilt her to supporting Blanche at Stanley's expense.  Blanche lives with being a "failure" in so many domains.  It is her own condition that compels her to see herself as a failure as a wife, as a guardian of Belle Reve, and as a teacher.  She looks at Stella as a last opportunity for validation, a reality that can be accomplished if she is able to convince Stella of Stanley's true nature.  It becomes evident as the drama drives towards its end that this is not to be the case.  Blanche cannot penetrate that realm between husband and wife.  Being unable to convince Stella of Stanley's true nature, she is left to deal with the pieces caused by the realization of not being able to reconstruct her sister's opinion.  In the end, this negation experienced from her sister is what ends up sealing her fate, condemning to a life in which the failure to reconstruct the opinions of others becomes her own undoing.

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