Discuss how the theme of wealth and poverty plays an important role in The Great Gatsby (please follow the following to answer it, please)?(Please answer this questions particulary at least 400...

Discuss how the theme of wealth and poverty plays an important role in The Great Gatsby (please follow the following to answer it, please)?

(Please answer this questions particulary at least 400 words, this is an essay question so please answer it in essay format with introduction, at least 3 supporting paragraphs and conclusion. I am not asking you to write an essay for me but this is an essay format so you must have an introduction, 3 supporting paragraphs and a conclusion for at least 400 words or below it, please)

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Doug Stuva eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Concerning The Great Gatsby, I can give you an idea for your thesis and ideas for your supporting points.  I can't write the 400 words for you, which would be writing the essay for you.

Wealth and poverty in the novel are connected to the idea of the American Dream.  The American Dream is somewhat of a myth, as it is revealed in the novel.  Major points you could use are:

  • Gatsby achieves wealth by illegal means, first of all.  But this is not as important as the fact that his achievement of wealth is motivated by an illusion.  Daisy never loved him the way that he loves her.  His life and his achievement of wealth turn out to be futile.  The search for the American Dream is an act of futility.
  • You can have the American Dream if you're born into circumstances like Tom, and if you're a jerk like Tom.  If Tom is a model of wealth, then the American Dream is corrupt.
  • The poor are certainly not ideal human beings, either.  Wilson and Myrtle do little to recommend themselves to a reader.  Wilson may be a hard worker, but he is also a fool and is cuckolded by his wife.  Then he murders a man, which is bad enough.  But he murders the wrong man, also.  Myrtle, of course, is superficial and silly and not very bright, as well as self-important and deluded, as are the other characters in the novel.

You'll need to put the materials together and write the essay.  I suggest spot quotes to demonstrate your main points and much prewriting to organize your thoughts and your essay.  Do the body paragraphs first, and your introduction and conclusion should come easily.  The novel is sophisticated literature, and reveals the writer's "truth" about the American Dream.

teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Great Gatsby, the theme of poverty and wealth is directly tied to the overarching theme of illusion versus reality and thus plays a major role in the novel.  It is revealed that Gatsby and his family did not have much money when he was younger, and his lack of money was one of the main reasons for Daisy's not taking him as a partner.  She was concerned with financial security and appearance, so she turned him down.  This rejection remains with Gatsby, and it later becomes apparent that Gatsby even resorted to illegal activities to make enough money to turn around his financial situation.  In his heart, Gatsby believes that if he can appear to be a worthy suitor that Daisy will admit that she really loves him.  Gatsby is blinded by the tension between wealth and poverty and cannot see that it has caused him to live in an illusory world. 

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