Discuss how the novel 1984 and the memoir Man’s Search for Meaning were products of their time.

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The 1930s and 1940s were the decades in which totalitarianism—in both its fascist and communist forms—reached its peak. These two books, one a memoir of the Holocaust and the other a dystopia, are records of the actual and imagined experiences of victims of totalitarian systems.

Man's Search for Meaning is both a chronicle of imprisonment in a concentration camp and an attempt at a psychoanalytic approach toward those who, like the author himself, were victimized in this way. Viktor Frankl states at the outset that he does not intend to detail the physical horrors of the camps (since other survivors have already done this); he focuses on the mental state that the Nazis imposed on their prisoners. Nevertheless, it's impossible to tell the story without the stark and lurid...

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