Discuss how the text portrays the idea that "Where we are matters more than where we have been."

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I tend to think that this statement really encapsulates what it means to be Blanche.  One of Blanche's fundamental problems is that she cannot go back to where she was.  She yearns for the life at Belle Reve where she held power, control, and a certain amount of wealth.  This is something for which she craves.  Yet, her challenge is precisely that she is not at Belle Reve.  She is in a modern condition where people like her are without power and people like Stanley have it.  The text portrays that where Blanche is matters more than where she was and this causes her to feel without power in the most fundamental of senses.  Blanche wishes that where she was matters more to her being, and is dismayed to find that this is not the case.  In the constant attempt to depict Blanche's character as one out of synchronicity with so many elements, it makes sense that the text portrays the idea that where whe are does matter more than where we have been though the depiction of Blanche and her reaction to the past over the present.

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