Discuss how the text portrays the idea that 'People sometimes shouldn't trust our own reality’

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Blanche creates a make-believe world and then believes in its reality. She says she describes the way things should be rather than how they are. Though at the start she is able to separate illusion and fantasy from reality, eventually she cannot do so. As the pressure mounts she escapes into her unreal world and cannot keep the two worlds separate. She hears voices and noises, she sees imaginary people (the mexican woman selling flowers for the dead) and believes that she is still young and beautiful and about to be whisked off to a cruise in the Caribbean by her former beau, Shep Huntleigh. Her fantasy world becomes more real to her than the real world; and finally, after the trauma of her rape, she loses her grip on the real world and slips into madness. Thus it can be said, that what seemed real to her, was not necessarily true or real, and she would have done better if she had doubted the truth of her own beliefs.

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