The Playboy of the Western World Questions and Answers
by J. M. Synge

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Discuss how Synge's use's tragedy and comedy in this play to show how complex human beings are.

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In J.M. Synge's uses of tragedy and comedy in Playboy of the Western World, we are able to see the essence of the human condition: tragically we lose sight of what is acceptable by social (and even legal) standards, and ridiculously (comically) venerate that which should be censored.

When Synge originally wrote the play, in caused riots in Dublin. (Synge was Irish.)  He was accused of drawing on common stereotypes for his characters and their actions, though it was based upon an actual incident in history.  However, over time the true value of his work has become apparent.  If there are stereotypes here, they are not directed at a specific race or ethnicity, but at all "men."

There is tragedy in Christy Mahon's "murder" of his father, and comedy in the way he is treated by the occupants of the pub who praise him as a brave and wonderful man.  When Christy stumbles in, afraid of being caught by the law, he know he has done something terrible.  However, as the story progresses, he is...

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The author's use of tragedy and comedy don'tnecessarily show how complex human beings are; they simply are. Tragedy implies flaws in character, and comedy also implies flaws in character. These conventions are quite common but don't necessarily have to exist to reveal the foils of human nature.