Discuss how Samuel Johnson used his technique in his Dictionary entries.In your essay provide evidence from the text to support your ideas.

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You don't specify what "technique" you are focusing upon, so I will assume that you mean his overall approach to creating the Dictionary entries.  Johnson had an amazing sense of humor and sarcastic tone.  He begins with an introduction to the work, explaining that there are bound to be mistakes, that the work will be archaic the day after it is published due to the ever-changing nature of language, and that he makes no excuses.  After years of collecting examples from published works, he put together each entry with painstaking precision, personal quips and commentary, humor, and sarcasm.  Each entry includes the standardized spelling of the word in question, the definition and examples of the way the word is used from contemporary authors, the Bible, and other publications.   A careful study of a handful of entries will give the discerning reader more than enough evidence of all these factors.  My favorites include "patron," "oats," "lexicographer," and "ketchup."  I'm sure you will find others that amuse you just as much.

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