Discuss how Ponyboy will remember Johnny and Dally.Thanks to the answerer! (:

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In the book "The Outsiders" Pony Boy describes the two boys.  His description is the entry into his story in which he shares his memories of the two boys, Dallas and Johnny, as the last days of their lives together unfold.

Pony Boy was very close with Johnny.  He described him as a dark haired boy with dark eyes.  He said that Johnny was always skittish.  I believe he will remember Johnny fondly as he thinks back on how he and the Greasers thought of him as being a kind of pet in the group.  Everyone in the group liked Johnny and serve as his family.

Looking back, Pony Boy will recall the abuse that Johnny had to endure in his home and the uncaring and selfish behaviors of Johnny’s parents.  He will feel a sense of pity for Johnny who never had love in his own home.  He will also remember that Johnny was a caring person, who listened to his friends in ways no one else did.  He will recall the terrible way members of the Socs had treated Johnny.

Pony Boy will remember that Johnny had stabbed Bob to save Pony Boy's life.  He will look back on the time they had together at the church and Johnny's deeper side.  He will remember that Johnny was a hero who had protected the children and died in the process. Pony Boy will also recall that Johnny wanted him to stay golden like the poem.

Dallas and Pony Boy were not really friends, but when they had needed him, he had helped them.  Pony Boy will recall Dallas as Dally, an angry youth who had spent time in a reformatory at ten years old.  Dallas was more serious than the others in his drive to get back at the world.  He picked on younger children and looked forward to confrontations.

Pony Boy recalls that Dallas had grown up in New York and was still carrying around himself as if he were in a New York street gang.  He stole things and spent time in and out of incarceration.  He was angry at the world.  Dallas' only connection was with Johnny.  He loved Johnny and protected him.

When Pony Boy thinks back on Dallas, he will feel grateful for the help that Dally had provided him and Johnny after they had to leave town because Johnny had stabbed Bob.  He will recall that Dallas had hid them out at the church and come to take care of their needs.  He will also remember that Dally had helped to save the children as well, and did not like to be called a hero in the paper.  He held the image as a bad boy and had wanted to keep it that way.

Most of all Pony Boy will think back on Dally's reaction to Johnny's death.  Dally just couldn't take losing the one person that allowed him to feel and be human.  When Johnny died he had gone crazy and self destructed.  He robbed a store.  He was desperate and he called the house to tell the boys what he had done.  He knew the cops were after him.

Pony Boy will recall that Dallas lifted an empty gun towards the police.  He had committed suicide over his loss.  He was ready to die.  Dallas had always took what he wanted and he had taken his own way out of life.

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Ponyboy will remember Johnny because he saved his life. He will also remember their time at the church and discovering how deep Johnny was.

Ponyboy will remember Dally because of his connection with Johnny adn his reaction to Johnny's death. Overall, he will be remembered as a gallant hero.

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