Discuss how the point of view effectively adds to the reading of Birmingham City Jail by Martin Luther King.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the fact that Dr. King is a man of religious faith and a minister helps to add much to the point of view of the letter.  The entire premise of the letter arises out of the local clergy calling Dr. King's actions as "unwise and untimely."  The point of view that displays Dr. King as a spiritual leader who refuses to associate his religious practice with passivity and acceptance is where more is gained from the reading.  When one reads the letter, one recognizes that there is a moral imperative to acting against American segregation.  It is not something that can be accepted.  Dr. King's point of view as a religious man, a spiritual figure, helps to bring this across.  For many, religion was seen at the time as a force of passivity, in that it was not religious to speak out in a voice of dissent.  Dr. King's point of view in writing as a religious man who is arguing for moral action against an unethical reality is something that speaks very profoundly in the reading of the article.  It is here where grasping the point of view helps to enhance the reading of the letter and its overall meaning to both the social struggle of the time period as well as its meaning to American History.

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