Where can comparison be made between Pol Pot and The Crucible?

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In my mind, the location where there is some of the strongest comparison between Pol Pot and Miller's work would be in Abigail Williams.  Abby's rise to power is similar to Pol Pot's in a couple of ways.  Both have to work through an established order to get their own vision or paradigm to be accepted.  Abby's use of insinuation and deception is similar to Pol Pot's use of "lists" and purges to consolidate power.  Both are able to increase their power as they construct an "us" versus "them" mentality.  At the same time, Pol Pot's construction of a binary dualism left little choice for others.  Either they had to choose to be a part of Pol Pot's system or face the consequences of being against it.  Abby's construction is much the same.  If individuals spoke out, it confirmed their presence of being with "the devil."  In being silent and complicit, Abby's power increased, similar to Pol Pot's rise to power. I would suggest that the results of those who spoke out against both were fatal.  People like Giles Corey and Rebecca Nurse faced the worst of punishments in attempting to speak out against Abby, while those who spoke out against Pol Pot were eliminated.  Both Abigail and Pol Pot were not afraid to use force, intimidation, and exclusion to ensure that their power would not be compromised.

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