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Discuss how families have diversified, and how have modernization and industrialization as influenced this diversity?

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Families have diversified over time, and modernization and industrialization have played a role in this change. Before the industrial revolution, many people were farmers. Families were constantly together. Those who worked in business worked in very small, very family-friendly environments. As a result, families in business environments were often together even if family members worked long hours. Additionally, there was a fairly tight-knit relationship between families that worked in businesses since the businesses were very small.

As the country began to modernize and industrialize, this close family relationship began to change. When people went to work in factories, they no longer worked in small, tight-knit environments.  With hundreds or thousands of workers in a factory, the close-knit environment could no longer exist.   Family members often worked very long hours (12-16 hours a day), and multiple family members were working, sometimes including the kids. This tended to pull families apart.

Because both parents were working (mainly to help make ends meet), the kids were often unsupervised. This led to problems between parents and children. Families also spent less time together. We can view this change from today’s perspective also. Because both parents often are working, families spend less time together.

With new technology, there are fewer face-to-face conversations that take place. Family members often feel as if they are being pulled in many different directions. They feel there isn’t enough quality time to spend together. As times have changed throughout our history due to modernization and industrialization, families have been significantly impacted.

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