Discuss how the ever changing of politics of Afghanistan affect each of the characters in The Kite Runner?Can you provide three arguments for assistance?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Baba: When the Russians invade Afghanistan, Baba is forced to flee the country with Amir for their own safety. Baba realizes that he will be punished and persecuted for his pro-American views, which is why he decides to leave Afghanistan and travel to America. In America, Baba is forced to work long hours at a gas station and lives a meager life.

Amir: Amir's life changes for the better when he moves to America. He gets a fresh start at life, graduates high school, and enrolls in college to become a writer. Amir also marries Soraya before traveling back to Afghanistan to save Sohrab.

Hassan: When the Taliban kick the Alliance out of Kabul in 1996, Hassan's life dramatically changes for the worse. The Taliban forces attempt to wipe out the entire population of Hazaras via mass genocide. Unfortunately, Hassan is murdered in the street, and his son is sent to an orphanage, where he becomes the victim of sexual abuse.

Sohrab: Following his father's death, Sohrab lives at an orphanage in Kabul, which is occupied and controlled by the Taliban. Fortunately, Amir travels back to Kabul and rescues him. Amir then adopts Sohrab and brings him back to the United States.

Assef: When the Taliban take control of Kabul in 1996, Assef joins the Sunni Islamic fundamentalist political movement, where he becomes a violent official. As a Taliban official, Assef enjoys harming innocent citizens for fun.

General Taheri: General Taheri loses his prominent military position in the Afghanistan Army when the Russian forces invade. Similar to Baba, General Taheri is forced to move his family to America, where they eventually settle in California. At the end of the novel, the general is invited back to Afghanistan by the reformed government following the Taliban's defeat.

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

AMIR.  Amir loses his life of privilege when he flees Kabul with Baba, but his life changes for the better in America. He learns to speak English, graduates from college and becomes a successful, thriving writer. He adapts to the American lifestyle better than any of the other charactes.

HASSAN.  As a Hazara, Hassan feels ethnic hatred even before the Russians arrive. However, the Russians do not seem to single out the Hazara for any specific punishment. When the Taliban take over, however, his people suffer the most; he and his wife are both murdered, and son Sohrab becomes a play thing for the Taliban.

BABA.  Next to Ali's family, Baba loses more than anyone when the Russian rule begins in Afghanistan. He loses his fortune and has to start over again in California, where he works in a gas station. He also suffers a loss of pride in his inexperienced position as a member of the American lower-middle class populace.

GENERAL TAHIRI.  A former Army officer, Tahiri flees Afghanistan when the Russian take over his country. At the end of the story, he is invited back by the reformed government following the defeat of the Taliban.

ASSEF.  The son of a wealthy Pashtun father and German mother, Assef worships Hitler and eventually joins the Taliban. He is happier than ever committing genocide against his fellow Afghans, particularly when his victims are Hazara.

FARID.  The Tajik driver who accompanies Amir during his dangerous return to Afghanistan, Farid joined his father at the age of 14 to fight the Taliban with the Northern Alliance. Farid loses several fingers and toes from wounds he sustained.

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