Discuss how the concept of free will is subverted in the play, providing an appropriate example from the play.

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Free will is associated with existential philosophy and the question of whether we are directed by a higher order or we simply invent our destinies.  Waiting for Godot is a dramatic investigation into this perplexing question, especially whether our lives have a meaning beyond our “free will” choice.  For example, are Gogo and Didi free to commit suicide, to eat a carrot or a turnip, help Lucky or not help him, etc.?  We know they think they are under instructions to wait for some mysterious person, standing for purpose or direction, but what is dramatically investigated is whether their arbitrary choices will chang anything.   We all are like the characters here – acting as if we are making choices but secretly aftraid that free choice is an illusion.  Perhaps the best example is the seeming choice to go or not go – can they actually leave? The concept of free will is subverted whenever the illusion of choice is undermined by non-change in situation.

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