How can a character's self-knowledge lead to a positive or negative result, specifically in relation to Lockdown?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one can make the case that self- knowledge leads to positive results.  As Reese's narrative develops, it becomes clear that knowledge of himself and the reflection that goes along with it helps to further his development as a person.  There are positive results that go along with this.  For example, when Reese contemplates what would make him happy, it becomes clear that his purpose of being is to help Icy achieve her goals.  Reese's self knowledge that is facilitated by his work with Mr. Hooft, Ms. Rossetti's class, and a loyalty to his sister all become part of the self- knowledge that gives Reese's life purpose and meaning.  

For Reese, the ability to understand himself as a being that must withstand the temporal attachment to people who wish to do more harm than good and understand the self- knowledge which accompanies being able to identify his goals with Icy's are elements that bring positive results. The closing to the narrative shows Reese being happier with who he is and the choices he has made because of the self- knowledge that he has gained.  There are struggles, but there is a purpose to his being in the world that enhances how his self- knowledge has brought about a set of positive results.

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