Coming of Age in Mississippi Questions and Answers
by Anne Moody

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Discuss what issues Anne witnessed in her life in Louisiana.

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I think that Anne witnessed some examples of the reality that will govern her being throughout her narrative in Louisiana.  One such challenge is her being undermined by a jealous coworker at her job.  For Anne, this is reflective of a couple of things.  The first is that cruelty is not something limited to one particular group.  Moody's work is powerful in that it makes clear that some of the challenges that White people must overcome are some of the same that people of color, specifically African- Americans, must overcome.  Pettiness, cruelty and jealously that undermines community and solidarity would be one such example of what Anne experiences in Louisiana that help to form her narrative.  Another example of an issue that Anne experiences in Louisiana is the struggle to find work.  It is here where Moody makes it clear that part of the Civil Rights struggle is as much economic as it is racial.  Finding a job, being able to develop an income that can sustain individuals, and developing the sense of self- worth that comes from working is something that Moody indicates is challenging in her life in Louisiana.  It is here where I feel that Anne witnesses issues in Louisiana that plays a vital role in who she is and who she will become as the narrative develops.

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