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If one is to look at The Great Gatsby as a romance, it does have some of the classical elements that were present in the Romance stories.  There is a hero of sorts in Jay Gatsby looking to win the favor of a lady in the character of Daisy.  He has to embark on a quest, not to slay dragons or defeat a horrible enemy, but to change himself into the type of man that can provide the life Daisy longs for, having grown up in a world of privilege and easy.

The ending is hard to mesh with the idea of a romance, but it does fit with some of the romance pieces that dealt more seriously with the psychological aspects of the love as Daisy and Jay's romance becomes intensely complicated after the fight with Tom and the hit and run.

With these elements, once could certainly make the case that The Great Gatsby fits the definition of a "romance," particularly when one considers the theme of loyalty that was common in early romances and is vital to Jay Gatsby's view of the world and particularly of Daisy.

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