Discuss Gandhiji's view on Satyagraha with special reference its means and methods.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Gandhi's view of Satyagraha was conceived as an idea to not merely defeat, but to convert an adversary. It was different than passive resistance, which still establishes one force in direct opposition with another.  Satyagraha is rooted in love, and its expression will invariably win over the opponent and convert them.  This is why there can be no hint nor intimation of violence in the process.  When one seeks to incorporate their opponent and transcend the traditional distinctions of adversary, violence is antithetical to these ends.  For example, the Salt March is such an example. It was a statement against the British, but the means was a way to bring more people into it.  This was an expression of love, and in such a defiant and powerful way that more individuals were brought into it.