Heart of Darkness Questions and Answers
by Joseph Conrad

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Discuss fully the two-fold journey in Heart of Darkness.

The two-fold journey in Heart of Darkness is one of the physical -- taking a steamer down the Congo in search of Mr. Kurtz, and the psychological -- the toll this has upon the protagonist Marlow.

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The two-fold journey that takes place in Heart of Darkness is one of physical as well as psychological location. Marlow’s trip down the Congo on the yawl Nellie to find Kurtz represents the physical aspect of the journey, while his musings and inner thoughts about what he sees on the physical trip, exploring his conscious and unconscious mind, are the other half of the journey. The book's title, Heart of Darkness, in this sense takes on a dual meaning.

At the outset of the journey, we see Marlow excited to explore a region he has dreamt of since his childhood. Being a seasoned sailor, Marlow believes it to be another trip to add to his resume. It is not long before we are given the first indication of the psychological rigors of the journey. Marlow visits a doctor to make sure he is healthy enough for the trip, and the doctor, curiously, asks to...

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