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George Orwell

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Articulate how the motif of political purpose is evident in the writing of George Orwell. 

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I think that one can find a great deal of support of the political purpose motif in Orwell's writing.  On one hand, there is a definite belief in Orwell's writing that there is political relevance to what he is writing.  His criticism of the totalitarian state seen in 1984 is evidence of this.  Orwell is not constructing the Big Brother government of Oceania without a sense of political purpose.  Orwell is convinced of this political purpose, one he feels that he has some type of obligation to bring out in his novel.  At the same time, political purpose is of the greatest of importance in Animal Farm.  In this narrative, Orwell criticizes the blind loyalty of citizens towards governments that manipulate public trust in the consolidation of their own power. I think that these two works highlight the motif of political purpose that guides Orwell's work. These two works demonstrate Orwell's belief that political purpose is relevant to the modern setting and that individuals cannot be apathetic to political reality.  Orwell believes that the vigilance and awareness of political purpose is the only element that can prevent political manipulation of the body politic in the modern setting.

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