Discuss four examples from "1984" which provide insight into the social and political conditions of Oceania.

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gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The entire text of "1984" shows the political and social conditions in Oceania. The first line gives one: the clock striking 13 tells you that Oceania has attempted to change traditions and start things anew. Winston living in "Victory Mansions" echoes the way things were named during World War II in England and America; this tells you they are at war. When you learn the war is ongoing, that tells you even more about the social/political situation. Having something like "Hate Week" tells you that the government is deeply engaged with citizen emotions, and tries to control them. This is underscored by the poster "Big Brother is Watching You." That tells you both that the community engages in surveillance and that they try to use propaganda. And that's all just on the first page!