Discuss the following terms: word, lexicon, vocabulary, and dictionary. 

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Below are the definitions to the following terms: word, lexicon, vocabulary, and dictionary.

  • Word- A word is a unit of language that has a discrete meaning. Words are put together to make sentences.
  • Lexicon- A lexicon is the vocabulary that is used by a person or peoples, language, or a branch of knowledge.
  • Vocabulary- The term ‘vocabulary’ refers to the collection of words and phrases that is used within a language or field. The term ‘vocabulary’ may also imply all of the words that are known and used by an individual.
  • Dictionary- A dictionary is a book or electronic device that lists the words of a language and provides the definitions to those words.  Definitions may also provide synonyms and/or antonyms to the words being defined. Additionally, dictionaries may include information on the pronunciation, origin, and usage of words.

As the terms were not given within context, the above definitions are only examples of the terms' meanings.

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