Discuss the following statement: "Even though efforts to resstrict employees' free speech at work may be permissible, such efforts raise questions affecting one's rights."

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Indeed, I think that the statement is accurate in terms of both sides articulated within it.  Employees have to recognize that their participation in a business endeavor does involve the curtailing of their rights of expression.  Courts have consistently upheld that employees have to recognize their expression of free speech in the context of their responsibilities to their organization.  Employers who demand that free speech is curtailed in line with business organizations' expectations are engaging in practices that affect the rights of their employees.  On the whole there is a curtailing of rights when employers restrict employees' free speech at work.  This is permissible, but there is a limitation of rights.  Employees have to be mindful of this.  They must understand that like so much in a liberal democracy, there is a sacrifice involved and if this is a sacrifice deemed as too great, then there needs to be some action taken in this regard.  On a more practical level, employees must be mindful of what limitations are placed on their expression so as to not lose gainful employment as a result or to seek some level of modification as a result.